Julia Mancuso

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The 30-year old jewel from Squaw Valley who took the gold medal in Giant Slalom after two flying runs at the Olympic Games in Turin 2006. Julia is a POC Team Rider since the  start, an ambassador for the Local Talent Program and makes POC office jealous by trashing waves on Hawaii during her free time.


Nick Name::



March 9, 1984




140 lbs


Maui, Hawaii

Major interest/hobby apart from skiing?

Surfing, kite surfing

What, in your life is most awarding?

catching a head-high, perfectly glassy and peeling wave

What gives you energy and lets you think about other things than skiing?

I try to allow every moment to give me energy. There is always something to be grateful for, whether it’s a beautiful views, a nice scent, a kind person, a good meal, a great wave, a good ski session, rain, snow, sleet, etc… whatever, there is a silver lining to everything and it can all give us energy if we let it

What do you do to unwind?

I like to read, go for bike rides, have barbeques with my friends… I also just love sitting on the beach

What is your favorite city to visit and why?

Tough one…
…Whenever I go to a place, I usually have something to enjoy. Every place has it’s “thing” and it’s just up to me to be aware of it and have fun with it!

Where do you preferably spend your time off?

I love to spend my time off in adventurous places: Hawaii, costa rica, heli skiing, back bowls, etc… I always love to exert myself physically, so any activity that allows me to move my body is great. But I also love to chill out. It’s all a balance, and I never know where my inspiration will take me

Why do you ride?

Gliding on the snow is like surfing: when it’s flat, you just stand there and go nowhere. But when that wave comes, or there’s a hill, and you get on it, suddenly your momentum takes you forward. Riding is like life: you use energy to get on the ride and when you get momentum, you go places

What started you skiing?

Growing up in Lake Tahoe, skiing is what my family did. My parents would drop my sister and I off at the hill and that’s how we would spend our day. The rest, as they say, is history


Sacrifice. Sometimes in life, we can’t always do what we want and when we want it. In those times, I can have a bit of a problem motivating to just power through and do it. Heading to a workout session at a specific time, for instance is a tough one. Getting up and motivating for a 6:30AM workout -– yikes -– my body rebels

Most important people in your life and career:

Mom, dad, Buddha, my entire team and support system

Skiing since:

I was 3 years old

Best part of skiing:

Powder runs in the back country

Hardest part:

Skiing hard and fast, but still getting beat handily. But I think everyone has that problem: realizing that there is always someone better than you out there somewhere

Worst moment in career:

No real worst, it all happens the way it must, the way it should, the way it does

Best moment in career:

The GS finish in Turin

General career goals:

Sure, overall winner would be a nice accomplishment, but it’s not a must to be happy

Favorite reading:

Spiritual books that have a good lesson!

Favorite music:

Clear across the board, but currently you can hear the Sounds and Under the Influence of Giants in my iPod

Favorite place to travel to:


Most respected skiers:

Too many to count. There something to learn from all of them…Pick the best aspects of each and take those to my own game. If I were to call one out, I’’d say Tamara McKinney

Favorite spots and resorts:

Tamarack in Idaho is becoming a favorite place of mine. It’s pretty sweet there

Advice to beginners:

Don’’t skimp of your physical training and most of all HAVE FUN with being fit

Other Sports:

Surfing, kite surfing, standup paddle boarding, road biking

Occupation if I was not a pro skier:

Pro surfer, entrepreneur

Training secret:

Have fun; don’t do it because “you have to”

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