Robin Wallner

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Full name Robin Wallner

Date of Birth 4th of july 1988

Hometown Stockholm, Sweden

Current city Åre, Sweden

Sponsors POC, Team W-racing, Öhlins suspension, Specialized bicycles,, Spank industries, MRP, Maxxis tyres, Peugeot/Hanssonbil.

Hobbies Snowboarding, skiing and goon-riding on a motorbike.

Career highlights (approximately 3-6) European champion 2010, Overall winner of the European cup 2012, 4-times Swedish champion and a 2nd place qualifier as my best world cup result.

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How and when did you get in to biking? I got into mountainbiking thanks to my older and much cooler cousine Herman who was racing downhill at a pretty earlie stage. He was always my big hero and inspiration growing up so I just tried to do what he did and got hooked straight away.

What’s the best advice you ever got? To simply enjoy every time I get to ride my bike.
What’s the best moment in your career? Winning european champs in 2010 is the highlight in my career so far.

What’s the worst moment in your career? I had a couple of big “downs” but I was the most upset with crashing at world champs in 2010.

What are you doing when you’re not biking?
I keep myself quite busy since I manage my own team-program and work on a lot of different projects outside of racing my bike.

What gives you energy and lets you think about other things than biking?
I like to just go trailrunning or xc-skiing on my own sometimes. It´s a pretty good way of disconnecting from everything else.. And it doesn´t take a lot of preperations.

Who inspires you? My brothers artistic side of things can be pretty inspiring at times
What inspires you? In general people that are passionate about what they do inspire me. Doesn´t have to be sport, theres a lot of amazingly driven people in this world.

Name three things you are good at? I´m pretty dialled in at baby-sitting a team by now and I would say I am pretty good at using a shovel. On the bike I would say that I am pretty allround…

Name three things you would like to learn? Winning medals at world cups, how scrub a moto properly and I need to land a tailwhip on my jump-bike soon.

If you had to do one trick for an entire season, what would it be?Fish-whip

Who did you wish you were when you were a kid? Peter Forsberg.

Where do you spend your time off? Riding down the bikepark in Åre.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? And why?
I don´t think I would want to live anywhere else in the world right now. I like living up here in the iglu even if it is not ideal if you want to have a career riding a bike. There is nothing better then spring-time in sweden.

What do you still want to accomplish in your career? Get on the podium at a world cup.

What would you do if you weren’t a professional biker? I would probobly be a weekend warrior and dream about going pro.

Riding spot Åre Sweden
Country Sweden
City Stockholm
Book The dirt
Music Anything with a good rythm can get me going.
Food Mexican
Movie The hangover
Character ”Alan”

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